Friday, 17 October 2014

Just love how this border fabric adds instant age to my latest little quilt.  choosing fabrics for even these little quilts is a process , I chose all my favorite turkey reds for the blocks, my favorite print of the chrome yellow.  I made the little nine patches and must have tried at least 6 different greens before I settled on this one.  The border fabric was hard, I wanted an aged look, at first I had chosen this one below but it felt too "new/updated/modern " whatever you wanted to say.  not the look I was going for even thought that is one of my favorite fabrics.  I fold up the fabric to about the border size I want to use lay the little quilt top so far on top and just look at it, take a picture, sometimes its a day or two before I can finally decide…..thats how it was with this one.  

At first this was going to be a large quilt, twin size when I made the first block at least that was the plan….  a little quilt won when I remembered seeing an antique little quilt on Pinterest using this block.    maybe someday I will make a large quilt  using these colors and a double nine patch block.  
16 1/4" x 16 3/4" Finished in case you want to whip one up!
this little quilt I wanted it to have a light airy look, I must have tried a dozen different light blue shirtings  or prints and finally this one just made me smile, I found the right one yesterday!  The center has 100 one inch finished squares, I made 4 patches then sewed it together.  
17 1/2" square in case you want to whip one up too!
don't you just love that peek of cheddar popping thru????   I am looking forward to quilting this one this week.

A doll quilt I will be binding today, just wanted to show you the amazing quilting on this little doll quilt.  Even though this is a simple pattern between the fabric I used (you know its always about the fabric!) and the amazing quilting, yes the print fabric has a different  quilting design then the polka dot  fabric between the fabric used this quilt is incredible in mho.  I bet some little girl will treasure this quilt.

I hope you find time in your sewing room/space  this weekend……
thank you for your visit and your comments I really enjoy reading each and every one of them.
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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Lots of pictures, doll quilt , quilting…...

I won a giveaway of scraps from Kim at Threadheads Unite blog  Oh it was so fun to look thru the pile and dream up a few little quilts to make with it, but then I realized wow look at all these reds and big pieces….

I bet I can make a few more blocks for my RED and WHITE Moda Building Blocks pattern quilt

I am having fun making these blocks… I need to make a few more this weekend.  Its a long term project for me, a few a week I will be happy.

As I continued to look thru this pile there war blocks in there too!  Did you notice the bow tie blocks in the picture above with the reds? and  just look at this one Kim sent
you know it will  have to be a mini quilt!

I just chose that paisley for a border for another little quilt I whipped up this week, need to sew it on today.    maybe this will be a medallion center, so many choices
Thanks Kim  I am thrilled with this box of fabric and blocks!!!! My scrap basket has fabric in it again, YEAH!!!!!

I whipped up another doll quilt for my donation project I have been working on  using these fun 30's and moda's bella solid  PFD, this one works well with 30's as well as repros in mho…. 9900 97

18" x 22"  in case you want to whip one up too!

now its time to start binding these 6 I picked up at my friend Lorre's this week, she donated her long arm services for my donation doll quilt project.  If you have a long arm quilter you use a lot during the year it doesn't hurt to ask if they would donate their services for a quilt you make to donate to some charity or maybe they have a reduced rate for this purpose. Of course don't ask during Christmas /Holiday rush time!  Quilters are such giving people…..
Just look at the quilting
she quilted each one differently fun choices, we both tried to make each quilt special.

Hope your finding time in your sewing room/space this week
thanks for your visit and your comments I love reading them and I do try and answer every one.  If you ask a question I will get back to you.  Thanks!  

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Soscrappy blocks , a few things and my newest little quilt gifted to me!

My brown and black windmill blocks made so far for Soscrappy's Rainbow challenge project on her blog. I posted about where to buy the templates for this block on this post here.

I always liked this quilt from Susan Garman Omigosh!  Julie was having a giveaway on her blog and I was the lucky winner, she also sent me pieces of orange fabric, beautiful happily adding them to the stash.  Thanks Julie!    I will admit I am not making this quilt this little I will increase the size of the block a bit!

sewing rows together  for this quilt, I separate the rows with printer paper.  For me this works if I have 15 - 30  min to sew I could get a row together , its all ready to go.  Being prepared for those short times of sewing available for me turns into productive time.

And I saved the best for last…...
My new little quilt was gifted to me by Katy from Katyquilts blog.  I just love her work and she makes incredible little quilts and makes many of them with antique fabrics, what treasures.  make a cup of coffee, tea and enjoy her blog!

I feel so lucky to have received little quilts from blog friends.  My passion for making little quilts is so strong and then to have someone make one for me makes it even more special.  I treasure all the little quilts people have made me over the years.  Thank you Katy I truly appreciate it.

Friday, 10 October 2014

I made this little quilt this week.  I love the lancaster blue with the pinks.  I have made this one before but gave it away, I needed to make it for me to keep this time.   One of the things about making little quilts is that they make great gifts!  I wanted to make this one again to have a quilt made with Lancaster blue. Simple but graphic with this color combo in mho.
The blocks are 3" finished and the quilt top is 18" square if you want to whip one up yourself.

As soon as I saw these Moda Modern Building Blocks popping up all over blogland I knew I would want to make this quilt too.  I was finally able to get the pattern this week, it arrived on Wed , yesterday I whipped up these 3 blocks. I decided to make it in reds and whites.  My goal is to make each block a different red and white fabric.  Its a long term project !  I will probably add in a few of my favorite blocks like I have seen others do.  I am excited to see this quilt grow.  Its amazing how many patterns are on these cards, it will be a great source for block patterns in the future as well.

Hope you find time in your sewing room/space this weekend  Enjoy…..

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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

antique little quilt reproduced….2 doll quilts made to donate…test block

I made another little quilt inspired by my friends antique little quilt.
I have reproduced this quilt before , this time this little quilt will live with me!

I just love how this fabric worked cut up to use in the blocks…..
Its from one of Betsy Chutchian's fabric lines, as soon as I saw this fabric I thought of my friends antique quilt she had hanging in her sewing room…

Instead of the plaid I used this fabric , love the results I achieved with it.
it reminds me of the windowpane look on the block in the middle on the right side but prettier!
This antique little quilt is a block from a larger quilt that was cut down and sold on ebay as blocks.
what a treasure it is.  I bet some of the blocks were beyond repair at least some blocks were saved.
You can tell this quilt was well loved when you study this block.

2 more doll quilts to donate to a charity .  Thanks to my friend Corienne  who gave me the fabric to make a few donation quilts.    These are going to make some little girl smile and keep her doll warm!
love the polka dot backgrounds….I am really starting to like polka dot backgrounds :)

a test block….polka dot background…. what do you think?   I whipped  this up yesterday
love the polka dot background from Comma line by Moda.
unfortunately I didn't buy yards and yards of it so this one may just have to be a little quilt soon.
or maybe I can find more of it, love these colors together,  would make a great quilt.

Hope you find time in your sewing room /space this week…. me I need to sew my  Zoom quilt together top of the list….have all the rows laid out ready to go…. Will share a picture and my process thru this quilt soon….it was a good learning process

Monday, 6 October 2014

Windmills and an amazing find, acrylic templates for little quilts

The windmill blocks will be a full size quilt someday.  For now I will continue to make them each week when I  only have a few minutes to sew.  I found a nice little container at the hardware store thought it would be great to hold blocks cut out waiting to be sewn or blocks already made, projects waiting to be made, you get the idea!  so this sits next to the sewing machine when I have a few minutes….

 So many of you asked if I was using a template.
Well for years I have used my own template I made with quilters heavy duty template plastic.  Last month I finally decided to order the flowering snowball template after seeing so many wonderful quilts in blogland made from this pattern.  here is one of my favorites, I have a few favorites in blogland.
While I was on the site for this acrylic template look what I found! They are laying on top of the fabric I am using for the light part of the windmills.  Its a polka dot fabric Midwinter Reds line by Minick and Simpson, isn't it fun?
keychain templates that she sells to make quilts  for Jelly rolls, 2.5" strips of fabric sold by Moda.
OMG I couldn't believe it look at all those patterns that could be made with all those templates AND there was the windmill block I was sold, I needed that windmill block.  Then I looked at the price
it was $6.00 for ALL 12 keychains.  yes you read that right $6.00 for all 12 acrylic templates
so if you like making little quilts or need a gift for a quilting friend head on over to Baycreek Quilting templates and order these!
here is the link Baycreek Quilting templates….
just scroll down to the bottom of the page
tell her I said hi this way when I send in suggestions for other little quilt patterns templates maybe she will say yes! !  NO affiliation at all, first time I ordered from them!  won't be the last.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

scrap happy Saturday

This months color is brown and black  for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge at Soscrappy blog.
Ah brown I am happy, I happen to love brown you can be guaranteed there will be a lot of brown windmills in my quilt!
I made a few on Saturday but will make the rest this week hopefully!  Then next week I will just keep cutting more as I just happen to have a nice stash of browns!  ah I am in my comfort zone….

Hope your finding time in your Sewing room this weekend….