Wednesday, 17 September 2014

I whipped up this little quilt yesterday as I was thinking about the windmills in the Netherlands after seeing pictures of a few on line the past few days.  The block is call windmills and they are 4" finished.
I have made this quilt before in reds a few years ago.
its a cute little quilt machine quilted, 12.5 x 16.5"  its just fun taking a block you like and whipping up a little quilt .  I use this on my hall table during Dec and again in Feb.  It does come out again during May thru July sometimes too to decorate flag day , 4th of July, memorial day.. .  Red and white is classic and I never tire of seeing  R and W quilts.  I find they can be used during many holidays or anytime of the year.
I will probably add borders to make it the same size as the red and white one  still deciding on that.
maybe a pieced border…
what I would love is a dutch style fabric for the backing.  thinking a fabric with windmills or dutch shoes  , ok I admit I am becoming a little obsessed with backing fabrics for these little quilts.
I found a fabric in my closet yesterday and thought I need to make a little quilt just so I can use this on the back……
I will leave you with that thought and you decide ….obsessed or not?

Monday, 15 September 2014

A little quilt I made a few years ago.  I realized the reason some/most of the little quilts I have made I really like are the ones that were hand quilted.  I remember trying different things when I quilted them.  I didn't want to just quilt in the ditch or cross hatch the quilt.  I love the way this one was quilted, the quilting adds a secondary design when the light catches it the right way.

It could also be one of my favorite quilts because fall is my favorite time of the year and my quilts reflect that with fabric/color choices.
The back of the quilt…looks like a fall watercolor almost…
This quilt was inspired by a quilt Betsy Chutchian made and a pattern she made for her little quilt club at the shop she teaches.  On the sewing front I continue to make postage stamp blocks, my personal goal was to have 75  blocks done by the end of Sept.  I had better make one a day if I want to reach that goal!  Here are the two I made over the weekend and my tally sheet…I have 6,100  I need 7,500 by the end of the month.  Not sure this goal will be reached.
Each block will be 10" finished , 100 --1 inch squares!    

Sunday, 14 September 2014

One of my favorite little quilts I have made so far.  For me its about the fabrics, just a lot of my favorites I have had over the years  and that its hand quilted.  I love the texture the hand quilting added to this simple 4 patch quilt.  The border fabric too, it was the perfect choice for me for this little quilt I made a few years ago.

the 4 patches are 2" finished
The quilt is 15.5" x 19" 

The back of the quilt!  it was fun finding this fabric, probably meant to be pillows, but I thought it would make a great little  quilt back.

My next little quilt to be quilted, yes it will be hand quilted and check out that fun fabric I bought for the back of this little quilt.  I am always on the hunt now for fun fabrics for the backing of my little quilts.  I was always surprised by the backs of Barb's from Fun with Barb's blog little quilts.
I look at the sale fabrics differently now I am always searching for fun fabrics or panels or pillow panels for backings of little quilts.  I do admit its fun to turn the quilt over and see something that makes me smile, thanks for this inspiration Barb.
I am linking to Kathy's Quilts slow quilting Sunday for my red and white tumbler which I will baste today and start hand quilting..

Friday, 12 September 2014

Just Treats No Tricks book by Betsy Chutchian

What a fun fall inspired book.  Betsy's love of Halloween is seen in this book but its the quilts that say fall to me that I just love.  Betsy's blog, Betsy's best quilts and more blog has more pictures of the quilts in this book. check it out! Of course I had to whip one up as soon as I opened the book and saw BATS!  here it is before I had it quilted.

Hard to photograph black fabrics  but believe me its a cute little quilt, I was lucky enough to be at my long arm quilters this week and she quilted it for me that day.  I chose spiderwebs for the pattern you can see it best on the back, thats ok I really love the texture it adds to the quilt and I know its there!

Here is another quilt I would love to make an orange /cheddar pineapple quilt!  How fun is this???

My next quilt out of the book though is this Licorice Whip!
I cut fabrics for it yesterday and its on my cutting table ready to start sewing soon.
A black and cheddar pineapple little quilt.

Betsy  works at Lone Star House of Quilts and you may buy the book thru them or Homestead Hearth has the book too AND guess what else they have in stock……SHIRTINGS  here and here two new lines!!!   AS many of you know I have been looking for shirtings my stash is seriously lacking in shirtings!  I am really looking for cream/white with black ditsy prints…can never have enough of those.
Check out Betsy's new book if you love fall , fall colors and quilts inspired by antique quilts your going to love this new book!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Pinwheel doll/little quilt

I made this little quilt inspired (reproduced it!) by a quilt that  Katy at Katyquilts blog made.  I loved the idea of mixing red with the grey/black fabrics (referred to as mourning prints).  I knew I wanted to make it too.  I chose this blue/grey steel color for the border, increasing the size of the border until I decide how I want to quilt it.  It may be reduced but have to admit I like the larger border right now.

I love reading Katy's blog she always inspires me to  want to sew more!  I know you will feel the same way, make a cup of coffee/tea and go back in her archives and see all the beautiful quilts she has made...
I emailed Katy and asked is she wouldn't mind me making the same quilt and she said go for it!
Thank you Katy!  This quilt will always remind me of you and your wonderful blog.

yes, its true, she has a few more as you go back and read her posts I still want to make but that will have to wait to another day!  

my quilt is 16" x 20"

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

baby quilt pattern

Its a  quilt top!  Started this morning and made a quilt top in a few hours, very easy!
this quilt will be donated.  Trying to decide if I should add a border, its 30.5 x 37" should be big enough for a baby, right?

the blocks are 6" finished 
 the strips are cut at 2.5" 
center row squares are cut at 2.5" 
top and bottom of each block is cut 2.5" x 6.5"

I love being able to just whip up a quilt from stash to donate.
I feel as if I really accomplished something today.

This is whats on the cutting table this morning waiting to become a baby quilt!
I was at a friends yesterday and she made such a cute baby quilt using 30's I just had to come home and   start one myself!  Inspiration at its best! Ok, so other projects can wait a few days I just have to make this baby quilt too!

The winner of the squares to make a little quilt for herself and one for her friend is Carla from A few of my favorite things
I always think the first one to comment never wins so I had to pick her and since I had 2 piles of squares the second one will go to Sharon from Grass Roots Quilting
I hope they both enjoy making the little quilts for themselves and their friend.
Carla and Sharon can you email me your addresses and I will mail the squares out to you.